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Handmade Digital Media

What We Do

Our Strengths

We think of ourselves first as a story tellers and that’s where any new client relationship or project starts for us. “How can I best tell this story?” is the first thing we think when we meet with someone.

As creative professionals we find myself wearing a lot of hats. Sometimes getting your story out there or being heard means a website. Other times it’s a video or a social media campaign, or something else all together. We specialize in WordPress based website design and development but do a lot of traditional design, video and photography as well.

We provide companies, professional bloggers, web publishers and other creative agencies web-centric creative design, video production and other technical & creative services as a one-stop solution to all things digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for a new blog, corporate website, social media strategy or just help putting next year’s marketing budget together we can help.

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Meet the Team
Mike Dickerman
Director of Web Design
Mike has been working in the creative marketplace for over 15 years and is the founder of Digital Alchemy

With well over 1,500 completed projects Mike has gained incredibly broad industry experience and as a result – a wide range of capabilities. Mike’s career has been spent developing corporate internet solutions, business applications, broadcast media and internet marketing programs for a wide variety of clients and industries both here in the US and abroad.

Mike was born and grew up in Latin America, the son of career missionaries and had the privilege of living in Colombia for nearly 20 years. Mike lives and works in the Matthews, North Carolina and is married to his high school sweetheart Laura. Together they have four beautiful daughters who keep their lives busy, happy and very interesting.

Brandon Kennedy
Brandon Kennedy
Director of Video Production
Brandon is an award winning cinematographer with unmatched experience and creativity.

Brandon is the kind of guy you in charge of your video project.  He’s a multi-disciplined video professional with above average talent and an eye for powerful, cinematic visuals. Brandon’s technical command of the camera and his experience and talent as an editor gives our video work an impressive, unmatched look of quality that anyone can see and our client’s appreciate.

A graduate of The Art Institute, and a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Brandon manages the video production department at Digital Alchemy with a primary focus on directing, shooting, and editing our production projects. His talent and experience is evident in every video we produce and his attention to detail and quality is what compelling storytelling is all about.

Anna Monroe
Creative Design & Web Developer
Anna is a creative designer who is passionate about the art of visual communication through both digital and traditional design.

Anna loves what she does and it shows.   She loves to find a way to make things work and even if the challenge is stressful and frustrating, finding the right solution for clients.  Anna loves to be able to tell a client’s story and get others to interact with it.

Not only is Anna a talented web and print designer but she also has a strategic mind and a flare for social and email marketing which makes her an invaluable asset to our team and to our clients.

Anna studied mass communications at the University of South Carolina majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sports and Entertainment Management.

Our Advantages

The hardest part about marketing your business these days is knowing who to go to for creative work, technical advice, production services, social media and everything else you’re going to need throughout the year.

A distinct advantage we bring to our clients is the collaborative partnerships that we’ve been able to form over the years with the area’s best creative and technical experts.

We’re not everything to everyone and we’re not going to pretend to be.  These days it seems like every digital agency out there tries to sell you every service under the sun and in the end you find out that they’re only really good at a hand full of the services you’ve been sold.

We know what we are and we know what we’re not.  First and foremost we believe in having the right people in place for the job.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with the best and brightest minds in the business and have been able to form strong collaborative partnerships with a great team of professionals.  Our primary role with any client is that of advisor although we are the primary designers, developers and producers of all of our projects.  We don’t always do the work ourselves however, especially when we have a collaborative partner that is better than we are at a given discipline. Our job is to be a good stewards of your time and resources and sometimes that means introducing you to the right person for the job, even if it’s not us.