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Canopy AdCo

Canopy AdCo

Digital Alchemy was asked to come up with a content strategy and redesign for Canopy Advertising Company. They wanted a clean and minimal feel to let the content speak for itself. Digital Alchemy’s relationship with Canopy has grown into a fantastic partnership. As Canopy’s AdCo’s needs continue to change and grow, Digital Alchemy has been there to assist and develop solutions to problems as they arise. From implementing a Podcast, to the addition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services, we at Digital Alchemy are pleased to continue this journey.

Canopy AdCo is a digital advertising and marketing strategy agency located in Charlotte, NC. They are experts in geofenced advertising as well as programmatic display ads and lead generation. Although, they have a primary focus on the Senior Living and Assisted Living market, their portfolio stretches a wide array of industries. By targeting only the best possible user base they are able to be good stewards of your ad budget and streamline the process as efficiently as possible.

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