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Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know about working with Digital Alchemy

We’re looking forward to working with you on this project! Our goal for this guide is to give you all the information you need to make the best decisions as we move forward. So read through this guide in your own time. If there’s anything left unanswered just let us know!

What this guide includes:
  • How the process works
  • Your crucial role in the project
  • What you can expect in terms of deliverables and timelines
  • What we do behind the scenes
  • Some of our most frequently asked questions
Our Process

Here’s What You
Can Expect From Us

We do things a little bit differently. Instead of just asking for your requirements, going into our cave, and producing set deliverables, we work with you to create something that’s going to have significance.

  1. We take a collaborative approach to projects. Your input is absolutely key to the success of our project and we work around you, taking into account any guidelines you need us to adhere to.
  2. Everything we do is based on years of experience applying the tactics that we know work in the marketplace today.
  3. We want to work with people who are as excited about their projects as we are. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here, just good old fashioned craftsmanship.

Your Role in the

A lot of clients think that they should stay away. They often don’t want to ‘influence expertise’, but you actually have a much bigger role in the success of a project than you may think. So here are some ways we expect you to be involved in the project.


No matter how good we are as consultants, you’ll always know more about your business than us. Of course we do our own research, but your experience is much more valuable than most things we can dig up.

Don’t be afraid to give context to everything. Even if you think it’s not relevant. Because the more we know about your business, the better equipped we’ll be to create solutions that are tailor-made for you. Use every opportunity that you can to talk about your business. You play to your strengths, and we’ll play to ours. Between us, we’ll come up with something that both looks great and works for your business.


When working with us, feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Questions usually lead to better results than asking for a specific change. Don’t worry about annoying us — we are absolutely thrilled when we see that you’re taking such a keen interest in the “why’s” behind our work. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes deliberating over them, so we would love the chance to discuss our reasonings with you.

Overall your role in a project is a big one. Sure you’re hiring us, but without your input and knowledge, the project won’t be half as successful as it can be.

Phases of production

Your Project Deliverables
Timeline & Behind the Scenes

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Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.
Anything to add? Email us and let us know.

What happens if the scope of the project changes?

We fully expect the scope of a project to change. Unlike other companies, we won’t nickel and dime you for every change to the project. Why? Because we want the best results for you. And if that means we need to change a few deliverables here and there, we’ll do It! If the changes in scope are going to take more than 4 or 5 hours we’ll discuss that with you ahead of time and come to a consensus on whether or not it’s fair to bill extra for it.

Will you be on hand to answer questions?

Yes. We’re always around to answer questions or discuss anything project-related with you. We will have check-ins once a week to make sure we’re making good progress but if we need to jump on a call to hash something out, we can do that.

Will you make changes after it goes live?

We will not make any changes to the site aside from running theme and plug in updates unless requested by you. Our different hosting packages offer allotted editing times per month to alter and perfect your site. Any further changes to your site will be billed at a rate of $150 per hour.

How much do edits cost?

Each hosting package offers different time allotments for website edits. Edits that will require more time will be billed at $150 per hour.

Do I have to host with you?

Our team at Digital Alchemy has the experience and expertise to offer you the best hosting packages available. Because we believe that you will not find the security and website speed and functionality elsewhere, we do require that you host with us. We offer several hosting packages so you have options as to what will best suit your needs.

Why should I host with Digital Alchemy? What are the different packages?

Digital Alchemy is dedicated to global edge security, increased performance, and proactive marketing. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of breach attempts are made on your website every week. Small businesses get hacked because they are usually the ones with the least amount of security and therefore are a primary target for hackers. We’ve completely reinvented our technology infrastructure to better protect your website and it’s data, all while increasing your website’s speed and performance capabilities. But we’re not just bringing enterprise level security to small businesses, we’re also putting into place an easier way for you to have regular access to Digital Alchemy experts for ongoing advice and guidance by including content updates and marketing consultations into your monthly hosting cost. We’ve created three all-inclusive service plans that give you more of our time and expert guidance for one straightforward monthly fee. No more invoices for simple website updates, everything you need is already included. Our Business plan is perfect for small businesses and start-ups with lower content volume and infrequent updates. The Business Plus plan fits the majority of small to mid-sized businesses with frequent updates, a larger volume of content, and constant growth. Finally, our Business Advanced plan is great for the larger businesses with high volume of content and ambitious expansion strategies. You can learn more about what each hosting package includes here.

Can I make edits myself?

Everything we design and develop at Digital Alchemy is custom tailored to your needs. Our designer and developers know what they are doing, so we like to leave the editing to them. Changes such as adding blog posts, renaming a page, or adding a paragraph of content are simple for you to do, but anything further such as reformatting a page or changing icons we suggest that you leave to the experts.

If I shut down my site do I lose all of my information?

No, if your website is on our server we will create a backup copy of all data and provide you with a zip file.

Do you “own” the design?

You hire us to create and curate a custom design to your needs and desires, therefore the design is yours to do with what you will.

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