Phase 3 - Creating visuals


In this stage we’ll take your content wireframe, brand assets and images, and design the new visual look and feel of your new website.  Often we provide a new home page layout as well as layout examples of other key pages on your website for your review.

Behind the Scenes

The design stage of our process is executed in a few steps; UX/UI design, prototyping, and client review.

In the design step we bring your content to life by incorporating or developing your color palette, fonts, and imagery. Button style, rollover functions, and iconography are also decided upon and designed.

The site prototype is created in AdobeXD to develop an interactive preview of how the final site will look and behave. This step goes hand in hand with client review as you are able to make any adjustments necessary prior to the development of the live site. You are able to view and interact with your site as it will look and feel after development.

Client Expectations
  • Once the design has been approved by all members of your team, complete the Design Approval Form to move into development.
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